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  • An everyday tale about a village

    Follow the satire of village where any similarity to persons or organisations living or dead are purely coincidental. The Principality of Hash-It The Machinations of a Village

  • The Principality of Hash-It

    Hash-It is a strange place of small size, inhabited by a few hundred peopleoids, some great, some normal, some unnatural, some downright vile and even dangerous. Most of the peopleoids go about their daily lives untroubled by what goes on around them in the dungeons of power. Those who began to notice that all was […]

  • The Machinations of a Village

    Unsocial Chirp The Machinations of a Village Once the Princes of any village decided that the means are more important than the end then the oligarchy becomes and remains functionally ineffectual. Unfortunately Princes live in a state of self importance and hence are blind to the precarious nature of their existence and usefulness. By ignoring […]