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  • The Principality of Hash-It

    Hash-It is a strange place of small size, inhabited by a few hundred peopleoids, some great, some normal, some unnatural, some downright vile and even dangerous. Most of the peopleoids go about their daily lives untroubled by what goes on around them in the dungeons of power. Those who began to notice that all was […]

  • The World Cup

    I am talking about the men’s rugby world cup the game that unites the world rather than throws racist abuse as its older version deems to do. What a result in the final! I think it can be summed up with the Cape Town air traffic controllers giving the night’s BA flight to London the […]

  • To Brexit or not to Brexit that is Brexshit!

    Well here we are the first day of Mr Boris lying dead in a ditch, as we left the UK left the EU yesterday, no ifs no buts. It doesn’t feel any different. The sun rose this morning, as it did yesterday, the sea is still there swaying gently back and forth. Our water baby […]