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  • Quarry Heads

  • An everyday tale about a village

    Follow the satire of village where any similarity to persons or organisations living or dead are purely coincidental. The Principality of Hash-It The Machinations of a Village

  • Flies damn flies and squashed fly biscuits.

    Swatting house fly after house fly after house fly, I pick up my beer and remove those damn little things committing suicide in the amber liquid and think of school days and squashed fly biscuits. Strange things squashed fly biscuits. A squashed current biscuit sandwich. Squashed fly I understand but why name them after an […]

  • The Machinations of a Village

    Unsocial Chirp The Machinations of a Village Once the Princes of any village decided that the means are more important than the end then the oligarchy becomes and remains functionally ineffectual. Unfortunately Princes live in a state of self importance and hence are blind to the precarious nature of their existence and usefulness. By ignoring […]