The Machinations of a Village

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The Machinations of a Village

Once the Princes of any village decided that the means are more important than the end then the oligarchy becomes and remains functionally ineffectual.

Unfortunately Princes live in a state of self importance and hence are blind to the precarious nature of their existence and usefulness. By ignoring the world outside their bubble, they encourage others to increasingly act without them.

Their self imposed isolation becomes analogous to the results of a prima donna’s invitation given to Nelson Mandela to visit a self declared Afrikana only town in South Africa.

Having made the visit and addressing the salivating press, who had scented the whiff of a prey, they awaited Nelson Mandela’s condemnation of this town. What they got was:

“They are entitled to run their own settlement the way they like as long as it does not impose any restrictions on me, I am not worried about that.”

Nelson commented that the whole of South Africa was moving in the direction of reconciliation and nation-building following the country’s historic all-race elections the previous year.

Put bluntly. he was referring to the insignificance of the place in the light of his objectives for South Africa.

Ineffectual but scary

His government, called a bunch of terrorists by some, would not confront these prima donnas just go around them, and that win win position continues today.

The Princes of our fictitious village have reached the same position. They are impotent in arresting the continuation of the achievements of others filling the void left by the Princes’ self imposed inactivity. Their only response is to launch rear-guard action of emotional claptrap and demands for support. Despite their accusations, nobody is looking to oppose how they live or question their power. Whilst it is frustrating that they claim the achievements of others as their own, and hold and spend the funds provided by their minions, this has to be accepted as the unacceptable face of democracy.

It is strange that a non-constituted mismanagement, i.e. individuals, are able to make things happen, whilst the official Management wallow in red tape and blind self belief, signifying nothing.

More of the everyday tales of countryfolk later.

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